Hello world!

Hello, everyone!  After 26 years of raising a family, our youngest headed off to  college in the fall of 2012.  All of sudden, my husband and I realized that the years of traveling up and down the east coast for soccer practices, games and school functions were  over.  A new phase in our lives was about to begin.  As parents, most of your time and energy goes into taking care of everyone else.  Years go by and you realize that you are out of shape both physically and mentally.  How did this happen?  We both decided it is our time and we can’t just sit and wait until everything ‘fixes’ itself.

Although I have  more weight to lose than my husband does, we both need to shed pounds.  Our doctor told us to stay away from the fad diets that are so popular.  The weight tends to come off quickly, but most of the time, you gain it back along with more weight.  Ouch!  We want to take the weight off the right way and keep it off. What we decided to do was take the word diet out of our vocabulary and replace it with the word healthy.  We don’t need to diet, we simply need to change our life style.  Starving yourself or avoiding certain food groups is not the way to go.  It’s just not healthy.

We were fortunate to have been recently introduced to a wonderful organic health system which has really helped us look and feel better.  Qivana has a proven track record and is based on real scientific research.  We are hoping that you follow our blog as we continue this  journey into a healthier lifestyle.  Oh, did I mention that besides having great natural products, Qivana can become a lucrative home-based business?